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Litter of Glenregal Puppies only 7 hours old. Cheyenne is the Dam & she had 12 pups
born by C-Section 8 Males & 4 Females all healthy & strong. Cheyenne has spent 12 hours in Labour but one large puppy in the birth canal was holding things up. I decided Cheyenne & the pups were getting too tired & safer to be born by C-Section. We all needed to help with a litter this size to get the pups breathing & warmed up. Cheyenne came to & with her eyes hardly open she looked adoringly at some of her pups which were suckling she sniffed them gave them a lick with her warm soft tongue & laid back totally relaxed. I then cradled her head in my arms & cried with relief & joy to see how proud she was. Thank you Cheyenne & Blayze for your beautiful Pups to carry on the Glenregal blood lines.
Mother's Love
This is one my favourite photo's of Cheyenne & one of her little girls.
2 boys seven days old
Half the pups are suckling from Cheyenne while she enjoys one one of her own meals. She requires a lot of good nutrition & fluids to remain healthy & strong to care for her brood. The other half of the litter are being kept warm under the infra red heat lamp.
 Cheyenne content & happy
Pups are growing fast by the day.
Eyes just starting to open in the corners. A bih yawn on the right. Pups 10 days old
                                                                  12 Days old

                           "Chinook"                                                                "Flynn"
                   Glenregal Dances with Wolves                                      Glenregal Lil Rippa
Glenregal Quartet
Glenregal Thunda Downunda






                                                    Glenregal Cochee Warrior    "Wilson"    
What a life!!
                   Star                                                                            Wilson









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