We understand the critical need for puppy socialisation during the first 8 weeks of life.   Glenregal puppies commence socialisation from the moment they are born with the interaction between each other and their mother and our handling.  As they get older there is increased exposure to the other older dogs in the household as well as people who visit and get to handle the puppies.  We move them to different areas of the house after a few weeks so they get used to different environments and as they develop we introduce toys to them.  We believe that it is so important for the long-term well-being of the pups that they get used to being handled by different people all over.

At 8 weeks of age when they are ready to go to their new homes we very strongly recommend they attend puppy pre-school.  A good puppy pre-school continues the socialisation with strictly supervised off-leash play sessions and should instruct new owners about how to best manage the pups in the home.  The most critical thing for new owners is to learn how to teach the puppies "good bite inhibition"; that is, teaching puppies to have soft mouths around people so that they will be safe.  A puppy with good bite inhibition is one that will not cause any damage to a person's body if it reacts in fear or stress.  This biting exercise needs to be well under way by the time it reaches 5 months of age by the time the adult teeth start coming through.

We recommend Train A Pup Time Puppy Pre-school.  We have known Carolyn for many years and have attended her puppy pre-school with our own pups.  We have tried several different puppy pre-schools over the years and Carolyn's stands out because of her knowledge of training her own dogs and the fact that she has been involved in instructing with dogs clubs for 15 years.  She is continually active in further educating herself through attending seminars, reading books and watching DVD's on dog behaviour and training.  She is also a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and attends their annual conference each year.  She delivers a much more educational programme than many other puppy pre-schools.

If you would like to know more about Train A Pup Time Puppy Pre-school you can go to and download a Free Report.  Alternatively, if you wish to contact Carolyn directly you can email her at or call 08 9397 1634. 

We recommend that all our puppies attend a good quality puppy pre-school to get the right information about managing your puppies in the beginning which then means you don't end up with behavioral problems later as the puppy gets older.



My young Tibetan Spaniel Jai has just completed 5 weeks of puppy pre -school with Train a Pup Time. This is my fourth puppy to have gone through this course.




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