The following page is dedicated to Wilson and Chinook who are brother & sister. Wilson left to go to live in Hawaii as a young puppy. Chinook followed when she was 14 months old. I had kept Chinook as the pick bitch but due to health problems I was unable to give Chinook the kind of home she needed with lots of exercise. Her new family Laura & Chris could provide all of  this & much more. I will post some pictures when I get them so I can keep up to date on how they are coming along. They are both being shown as well.

I will be updating Wilson (Glenregal Cochee Warrior)& Chinook's (Glenregal Dances with Wolves) own pages soon. The links for them are under "Our Boys & Our Girls"
The photo are not in any particular order. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.
Thank you Laura Chris & the family for giving these kids such a wonderful home.

Chinook & Wilson looking very comfortable with Aiden

Chinook having a cuddle with Sean



This is Chinook shortly after arriving in Hawaii. The photos are of Wilson, Chinook, the other Golden is 'Dani' she is also from Australia and comes from 'Montego' Kennels. It appears from the pics that Chinook is enjoying meeting up with her new play mates.

Wilson and Chinook 17/5/2010


Wilson and Chinook enjoying a fun afternoon at the beach
Laura with Wilson & Chinook at a indoor show in March 2010
Laura & Wilson

Laura & Chinook


Bitch Challenge line up
Both dogs did well winning their classes & Wilson gaining some Challenge points.

Chinook and Wilson at a in door show in March 2010. Results will appear on their own personal page.

Wilson at show on April 18 2010

Laura & Chris live on the US Navel Base in Oahu Hawaii. Laura loves dogs & is a very fit lady.
She walks her friends dogs I thought you might enjoy the following photos as much as I have. The dogs are well behaved and she does a great job with them. I call her the Hawaiian Dog Whisperer. Walking 11 dogs and pushing a toddler in the stroller is a sight to behold!!!
"Go Laura"
I have a lot more photos and they will be up on here in the next day or so.

Golden Club Easter Party Pics March 2010

I handled Wilson, Sean handled Nook, and Kaitlyn handled Dani.  The dogs had to pic up doggy bisquit filled eggs and put them in our hands, and we then could put them in the bag.  Wilson got 31, but I have to say, he's a smart one, and cracked each egg with his mouth to get the bisquit before giving it to me.  I had to start taking some of the eggs and doggy treats away before he ate each one.  He would have gotten sick eating 31 bisquits.  Nook and Dani couldn't quite get the concept, but the kids managed to get a handful each.  We then had 2 relay teams (5 each team) where we had to put on bunny ears, the dogs had to wear bunny ears, and we had to weave in and out of cones down and back with a Nerf football on a spoon.  Sounds easy, but it was very windy.  I think the kids and the dogs both enjoyed themselves.  Pictures 6 and 7 are Wilson and Dani. Picture 8 is Sean and Nook.

Sean and Chinook   



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