We Are No Longer Breeding this site is maintained for our memories

About Us

My love for this wonderful breed started back on 1988 when I purchased my first Golden her name was Cassie. Cassie was to become my best friend & together we learn't about the breed. I decided to show her she was in fact a beautiful bitch with some beautiful breeding behind her.

Cassie did not like the show ring so I gave up even though the judge said she was lovely & to keep going. I did have one exhibitor that came over to me & said. "Don't worry you always take home the best dog on the day"  That is so true & one I remind my new puppy buyers of. I was hooked & wanted a lovely big boy to show so we bought Toby & he is behind a lot of Glenregal Goldens today. He excelled in the show ring giving me the confidence I needed to follow my dream.

 I then bought Emma from Tiptree Kennels SA. She was a beautiful rich gold bitch. She was to go on to be my foundation bitch. In her first litter of six two became Champions & the other gained her CDX. Whilst the other who is 'Pumpkin' who went on to allow me to carry on breeding with my breeding program.

 This is a small select breeding establishment. A lot of thought goes into breeding a litter of pups. All of our breeding stock are screened for hip/elbow and eye diseases. I like to encourage new buyers to visit as soon as I feel Mum is up to visitors. I express how important early bonding is & if they can come back on a weekly basis. Even if at that stage they do not know what puppy they will have. They have the time to get to know the pups who by this time love the cuddles & plays they have. This also gives me time to get to know you & for you to know me. I encourage questions. When puppy is ready to leave you go home with a very comprehensive folder of information and enough food to last for a few weeks.

Our beginnings with Tibetan Spaniels:

Towards the end of 2009 I was finding it harder to exhibit my Golden's due to some health problems. We decided that Golden's will always hold a special place in our hearts and we still have our special girls at home. Two of our Golden's Wilson and Chinook brother and sister are also being exhibited in Hawaii & they will move with their family to Italy early 2011. We wish them all the very best along with their family. Through this special pair my bloodlines will hopefully continue.

My first Tibetan Spaniel 'Jai" was purchased from the famous Barrajy kennels here in N.S.W Australia. I was first introduced to this breed though a friend here in Perth.

Jai was a beautiful puppy and always full of fun and love. It was not long before we just had to have another so along came 'Echo' a lovely sable female again from Judy Gard at Barrajy. Jai and Echo are inseparable and I just love the curious little things they get up to.  Both Jai & Echo are doing very well in the show ring and we hope they will be our foundation  Tibbies for Glenregal.

Our Motto
"We strive to breed good quality strong and healthy pups."

I stand by my pups and offer a lifetime after service, where I am available 24 hours a day should a problem occur.

We Are No Longer Breeding this site is maintained for our memories



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